What is the way?

The Way

One of the things that I have discovered on my journey of faith is that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to being a CHRISTian. Many don’t know or don’t really understand that being a CHRISTian literally means being “a little CHRIST.”

How can I be a little CHRIST to the world if I don’t take the time to understand JESUS, the one I am supposed to imitate? I have done some training in different martial arts over the years and I have found myself learning more about what it means to be a CHRISTian disciple from this training than I have from any other thing I have done, read or heard. And this includes what I have learned my entire life in the church!

I have two reactions to this.

  1. I am thankful that I have been able to learn what discipleship is supposed to look like.
  2. I am saddened that I have not taken the process of discipleship much more seriously.

The Call

JESUS commanded that we should go and make disciples of all the world. The question that I have is how do we do that? Many of us can’t just drop our jobs and a walk around teaching or healing or going into churches interrupting services because Jesus said we were supposed to be doing something.

Are we supposed to do these sames things that JESUS did? I know one thing for sure:
[su_quote]GOD wants me to obey the command of JESUS.
Make Disciples[/su_quote]

The purpose of this blog will be to find ways to better understand and live out the life of CHRISTian discipleship in a way that is consistent with Jesus example.

Father, let us become CHRIST to the world. Let us incarnate YOUR SON so that others may come to know and understand that JESUS demands more than our love and allegiance. JESUS wants us to raise the white flash of unconditional surrender.

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